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Winch Outs & Roll Back Service

This is a picture of a winch outs roll back service.

You might think the worst has already happened if you need a winch out or a full roll back.  The truth is that what happens next will often decide if you're dealing with a minor accident or a vehicle write off.  If you car is off the road, or incapable of movement, the next step is to call for skilled professionals with the right equipment because although the accident is over, the recovery is only just beginning.  In the hands of the skilled pros at Pearland Towing your vehicle has the best chance of getting back on its way or being restored to former glory.  Because when a car is off the road or unable to drive it is all too easy for less experienced operators to do critical damage to the drive train as they try to recover it.

Simple winch outs

Vehicles come off the roads.  They shouldn't but it doesn't take much – wet conditions, oil spills, momentary distraction or swerving to avoid another driver and then the wheels are off the asphalt and onto, well that depends.  If your wheels are stuck in mud or another surface with poor traction then you might need nothing more than a simple tow back a few yards onto firm ground.  Easy.  But if you're not sure if there's damage to your wheels or axles, if there's a gradient involved in going off the road, or a ditch, then an unskilled tow backwards can make things dramatically worse. Which is why you need to call the professionals at Pearland Towing to get back on the road in one piece.

More complex winch outs

If your vehicle is off the road and stuck in objects – barriers, trees, another vehicle. Then it takes skill to work out the right angle to winch it out to minimize damage.  If the vehicle is any heavier than a light automobile and it needs to be recovered up a gradient or at one or more angles to navigate past fixed hazards then you need more than a truck and winch.  You need a experienced operator who can calculate the forces involved and the pulleys needed to angle a tow.  You need Pearland Towing.


A rollback wrecker is a specialized tow truck which has a flatbed that can be hydraulically lowered to the ground. The vehicle that needs recovery is winched onto the lowered flatbed which is then itself lifted onto the truck chassis and secured.  The result is the best way of recovering private cars that can't be moved for whatever reason and need to be treated with extreme care to avoid any further damage.  Pearland Towing has rollback wreckers for just that purpose.

Unauthorized/abandoned vehicle recovery

Once you understand how a rollback wrecker works you'll see that it is a great system for recovering non-moving vehicles that have been severely damaged or abandoned.  Whether you're a law enforcement official, or a private property owner with a problem moving an abandoned vehicle give us a call at Pearland Towing and talk to us to find out if we can simply make your problem go away for you.

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