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Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Services

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing rotator service.

Heavy duty problems call for heavyweights to solve them so if you've clicked on this section and you're reading this text then you need to call us right now.  It's not just sheer horsepower that counts when it comes to heavy duty recovery; there's a lot of expertise involved to avoid causing any more damage and safely recovering a heavy vehicle without risking the recovery vehicle itself.  Pearland Towing are the real heavyweights when it comes to heavy duty.  We have the rigs required to shift anything from overturned heavy goods vehicles, to jack knifed 18 wheelers and best of all we have the experts at the controls to make sure every recovery goes to plan.  If you're the owner of a big rig, or a fleet of heavy duty hardware then you need to make a note of our number now.

Heavy duty towing

When you're talking about the upper end of the gross axle weight rating, or having a lot of axles to count, then you can't trust any old call out towing outfit to turn up with a medium weight truck, a big hook and a smile.  You need a professional with long experience in what it takes to get those big jobs rolling safely.  But more than just the horsepower involved you need a company that understands that every bus standing still by the sidewalk, every refrigerated unit that is without power in the hot Texas sun, and any delivery truck that's not delivering  means money is pouring away.  We get that, which is why we have a 24/7 heavy duty service waiting for your call right now.  So get in touch with Pearland Towing and find out why we're the partner the big guys go for.

Jack knifes

It doesn't matter how skilled your drivers, and how up to date your fleet, jack knives happen for all sorts of unpredictable reasons including the elements and those pesky other road users.  The good news is that with a towing service skilled in 18 wheelers a jack knife can often be quickly righted and your rig can hit the road without further ado.  If your truck and trailer look like they're heading different places then Pearland Towing is the number you should call.

Heavyweight wrecking

Now we're talking about the really big stuff because when the heavyweight wheels can't turn, or the vehicle has rolled and isn't sitting on them any more, you need specialist wrecking recovery experts to sort out the mess.  Experts like us.  

Rotator services

Yes we do boom recovery and if you know the difference between a boom and a crane you'll know that means we are experts.   Most people think those rotating booms you see on the back of a lorry are called cranes.  They look like cranes, they lift damaged vehicles like cranes.  So why aren't they cranes?  Because cranes have counterweights and rotator booms don't.  It means that we can get into situations other trucks couldn't and be able to lift damaged vehicles that couldn't be lifted any other way but the operator has to be a full on expert who can calculate the forces at work.  Pearland Towing – our professionals do heavy duty physics as well as heavy duty recovery.

Pearland, TX