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Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of a emergency roadside assistance.

You never think it's going to happen to you. But one minute you're driving happily on the way to your destination; music on, not a care in the world, and then for whatever reason your automobile decides it has had enough of being mobile and you find yourself stuck by the side of the road.  Now what?  What happens next depends a lot on whether you have our number saved on your cell.  Because if you do then you're not alone and even if it's dark, windy, or for whatever reason you don't want to get out of your car then knowing that friendly professionals are already on the way can turn a potentially scary situation into a minor inconvenience.  If this is a business vehicle on a job then you want to have Pearland Towing on your team to get your business back on the road as soon as possible before you lose money, or clients.

Out of gas

How can you run out of gas? You've got a fuel gauge right?  Sure, but we've all played refueling roulette with the light on, sure that we'll just make it to the next gas station in time.  Only the hoped for gas station stubbornly refuses to pop up by the road.  Or it's shut.  Or the car you're driving doesn't go as far on the red light as the one you're used to. Or the gauge isn't accurate.  Or that tiny little red light that you count on to tell you if time is running out?  Yeah that one.  It can fail too.  So then you're outta luck, and outta gas, and coasting to a stop by the road.  That's never going to be a good situation, and depending on just where it happens it can either be infuriating or downright intimidating.  But if you've got Pearland Towing's number it's just an inconvenience.  We'll check what kind of fuel you need and have an operator come right to you.  Don't know what kind of fuel this rental drives? Don't worry, we'll know.

Flat tires

It's a flat.  And you could always fix it yourself. Just so long as you know where the jack and spare are and can remember how to jack up a car and use a lug wrench.  But if you've got a roadside assistance package and you got a flat while driving you're probably covered to have the dirty work done by a pro.  Pearland Towing has fixed flats for just about every kind of vehicle that's out there on the roads so it pays to have a pro do the job while you turn the music up and take it easy.

Dashboard warnings

Red lights on the dash could mean all kinds of troubles.  Alternator failed? Lubricants low? Hydraulics about to die?  You could wait and see if something serious is about to happen, or you could give us a call and have us come to you by the roadside to look it over, sort it out, and get you on your way.

Electrical and mechanical problems

Cars are way more sophisticated than they once were and there are any number of little gremlins waiting to bring your day to a grinding halt.  Only at Pearland Towing we know them and their tricks and if we can fix them there and then we will.  And if we can't, well, did we mention we do towing?

Pearland, TX