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Auto Towing

This is a picture of an auto towing.

From beaten up (but dearly beloved jalopies) to luxury vehicles demanding feather bed treatment to whisk them away in cossetted comfort to their next home we do a lot more than tow cars (though we do that to).  Pearland Towing can handle every kind of auto (see our Heavy Duty page if you don't believe us) but what makes us special is not just the horsepower and range of our recovery fleet but the specialist knowledge and professionalism of our operators.  We don't see your auto as a heap of metal that has to be moved.  We understand that to you it's a member of the family, or a loyal servant, a part of the team or at the very least a machine that needs some help right now from someone who knows what they're doing and won't overcharge you for the privilege.  You need Pearland Towing.

Accident and breakdown

Accidents happen.  All the more so if you put four wheels and a motor into the mix.  Autos, even modern ones are a complex system of component systems functioning in harmony and flying in formation.  Until one of them changes its mind or just blinks its last. So you need a service that listens to your needs and comes to you by the roadside to either fix it, or get you and your auto back to the comfort of home (and/or the workshop of course).  Pearland Towing can do that.  Because we're the experts.


When things go wrong they have impeccable timing.  Like just as you set out on a long journey, or when those goods absolutely have to be at their destination today.  But most of all machines just love to go wrong at night.  In a neighborhood you don't know.  Or when you're all alone.  Or when you've got the kids in the back and it's night, and you're in a neighborhood you don't know.  So save Pearland Towing's number to your cellphone because we're the towing and recovery service that never sleeps and will send a recovery vehicle to help you at any time of day or night any day of the year.


Simple towing situations might need nothing more than those familiar tow trucks with the hook at the back to get two wheels up off the ground.  The key word there is 'might'.  Because sometimes that kind of simple tow is going to put a lot of stress on a car and anyway you would never want to see your much loved classic taken anywhere that way.  Heck no.  She deserves a flatbed track to whisk her away in comfort and dignity.  And no risk of any damage to wheels, axles, or drive train. Ask us for more information.


We can go one better than a simple flatbed too.  A rollback recovery has a flatbed that lifts hydraulically and is angled to form a gentle ramp that your auto can be gently driven or winched up, inch by inch if the situation calls for it.  Call Pearland Towing and find out that we have more ways of towing an auto than you ever thought possible.  Because we're the pros.

Pearland, TX