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Pearland Towing Service


Pearland Towing are the the proudly Texan towing experts when it comes to just about anything with wheels.  We're a 24/7 recovery service that's there for you whatever your vehicle problem.  From autos up to 18 wheelers we can literally make your problems go away.  Or get safely back home.  We're happy to hear from you any hour of night or day, rain or shine, and if you have any questions we have the answers so give Pearland Towing a call.

About Us

We  are the towing and recovery experts for every situation. From stalled autos to full scale recovery of heavy duty vehicles using heavyweight recovery rigs and rotator boom arm trucks.  We don't just tow from a to b, we understand the physics and the pressures on any given vehicle in any given situation and recover it accordingly, no matter how big.  To do those jobs well, day in, day out, 24 hours a day you have to a true professional and we don't believe you'll find better in the Lone Star State.

There is no tow truck and recovery service we don't cover from simple call outs to provide roadside assistance to taking away immobilized vehicles.  We can handle winch outs, jack knives, roll overs and long distance towing using a wide range of recovery vehicles including full rollback flatbed services, rotator boom recovery, and heavy rig recovery. If it's allowed on the highway we can get it back home and if it's heavy working equipment that's not able or allowed on the highway we can probably get that to the next site too. Give us a call.

Pearland, TX

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    This is a picture of a tow truck.
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    Cars should never break down, get caught up in things or leave you stranded.  But they do.  They do for a million reasons from lost keys to mechanical failure, from unexpected weather to unexpected drivers.  You don't need to know how many ways they can fail, all you need to know is that Pearland Towing is the one number to call if they ever do.  Any time, day or night.

    We can tow pretty much anything you can think of but our specialty is heavy duty towing and recovery. Heavy duty means a lot more than just having the horsepower to do the heavy lifting (though we have that all right), it's also about having the expertise to deal with large and awkward loads and the business understanding to know that anything that heavy is probably carrying not just the obvious payload but the expectations of a business on its axles. Trust Pearland Towing to get your vehicle and your business back on track.

    This is a picture of a towing service.
    This is a picture of a towing service.
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    From autos to heavy duty, wreckers, flatbed movement and rotator recovery, we provide just about every kind of tow truck lexington service you could need. Whether the problem is your car, protecting your vehicle fleet, or getting rid of that unwanted parked or abandoned auto give Pearland Towing a call and we'll sort it out for you.

    Day or night, any day of the year, any time you need us we're on hand to help you. That's the kind of reassurance you, your family, and your business need if you're going to keep on truckin' right.

    This is a picture of an auto towing.
    This is a picture of a towing service.
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    We don't just tow. We have the mechanical expertise you need to get your vehicle running again right there where it stopped. Day or night. There is a wide range of situations from simply running out of fuel or suffering a flat tire that we can make right for you and which your insurance will cover. If you ever find yourself in a vehicle that's come to a halt by the roadside you will be glad that the professionals from Pearland Towing are on the way.

    Off the road? Stuck in something? Not a problem. We'll need all the details you can give us about location and vehicle type and load but we can get you out of there. We have hydraulic operated rollback recovery vehicles that can lay down a flatbed like a gentle ramp to drive or winch your vehicle onto before lifting the entire bed back onto the truck and taking it away. Make sure your vehicle gets the feather bed treatment with Pearland Towing.

    "We had a (full) concrete mixer overturn on a sharp bend and slip down a gradient. You don't get a much more heavy duty recovery situation than that but Pearland Towing not only got the truck back up on the road but did it with such care that the thing was actually driving on a job the next day. Very happy with that.” - Brad C.

    "Minutes later a friendly Pearland Towing guy was on the spot and while I was still kicking myself he slammed the hood shut, told me he'd replaced a fan belt and the fluids from the overheating and we were good to go. I couldn't believe it. I'm not saying I'm putting the number on speed dial because I hope it doesn't happen again but that number stays saved on my cell.” - David K.

    "Over the years our company has had a few drivers call in with jack knives, but we have never had to think twice about who we call to sort out the mess. Pearland Towing is more like a partner to us than a tow service.” - Diana B.

    Contact Us Today

    Call us. Call us because we're waiting for your call 24/7. Call us, because we have the equipment and the expertise to recover just about any kind of anything on wheels. Call us because we are the professionals in Pearland City and you won't find better. While you definitely should save our number to your cellphone right this minute, you don't actually have to be in trouble to dial. If you've got a business, particularly one that involves moving heavy machinery or keeping a heavy duty fleet on the road every day of the year then you should talk to Pearland Towing about a partnership that makes sure an accident or a breakdown never brings your business grinding to a halt.